Corsican (cos)

Family / Group : Indo-European, Italic, Romance

Area : Corsica; Marseille and South East region, Paris and various urban centers in France

Typological informations

Type : fusionnal

Inflectional language : Yes

Language with gender : F, M

Sources of lexicon : homolexical (influence of French an Italian)

Language with sortal classifiers : No

Syntactics for numerals : NUM N

Specific traits : SVO, prepositions, modifiers precede or follow head noun

Numeration base : Decimal

Comments : about 90,000 officially (2004); fluent speakers would be around 50,000 (2014, according the association ‘Parlemu corsu’). Two main dialects: Northern: Bastia, Cape Corse, Balagne, Venaco, Castaniccia, and Southern: Ajaccio-Vico, Sartene, Bonifacio. The data in the website document the Northern dialect (Alto di Casacconi, Castaniccia). A succinct information about (de)numerals in the Southern dialect is provided in the foreword of I Culioli (1997).

Informants : Josyane Granier-Ferrali (Campile)

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