French (fra)

Family / Group : Indo-European, Italic, Latin, Romance

Area : France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada (Québec), French Guiana, Luxembourg, French West Indies, Reunion, Mauritius, Italy, Africa, New-Caledonia, Polynesia

Typological informations

Type : mildly fusional; accusative marking (only with pronouns)

Inflectional language : Yes

Language with gender : F, M

Sources of lexicon : homolexical; old Greek and Latin elements for learned denumerals

Language with sortal classifiers : No

Syntactics for numerals : NUM N

Specific traits : SOV, with several VSO constructions

Numeration base : Decimal, vigesimal (vestigial)

Comments : About 63,000,000 users in France, about 23,000,000 users in all countries (as L1 77,000,000, as L2 154,000,000)(2012)(source Ethnologue)

Notes on French

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