Santa Catarina-Morelos Nahuatl (nhm)

Family / Group : Uto-nahua (uto-aztèque); Subdivision: Nahuan (nahuatlano), linguistic group: central Nahuatl

Area : Mexico

Typological informations

Type : polysynthetic

Inflectional language : Yes

Language with gender : No

Sources of lexicon : heterolexical: Spanish, others Mesoamerican languages

Language with sortal classifiers : Yes

Syntactics for numerals : NUM-CLF N, more rarely NUM N

Specific traits :

Numeration base : Vigesimal

Comments : at least 800 speakers, endangered. Numeration base: vigesimal; sub-bases: 4 and 5

Notes on Santa Catarina-Morelos Nahuatl

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