Norwegian (nor)

Family / Group : Indo-European, Germanic, North, East Scandinavian

Area : Norway (Denmark, Sweden, Finland)

Typological informations

Type : fusional; accusative marking

Inflectional language : Yes

Language with gender : F, M, NEU

Sources of lexicon : homolexical

Language with sortal classifiers : No

Syntactics for numerals : NUM N

Specific traits : SVO

Numeration base :

Comments : more than 5,300,000 users in all countries. Specific traits: SVO; prepositions; noun head final; definite and indefinite articles; passives (active, middle, passive); comparatives. Norwegian has two written standards: Bokmål Norwegian (nob) and Nynorsk Norwegian (nno). Bokmål differs from Nynorsk in numerous details in the lexicon, morphosyntax and the use of diphthongs versus single vowels. Nynorsk, used by a minority of Norwegians, can be classified as West Scandinavian; Bokmål, the written standard of the majority of the population, tends towards East Scandinavian (source Ethnologue).

Informants : Hans-Olaf Enger

Notes on Norwegian

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