Russian (rus)

Family / Group : Indo-European ; Subgroup: Balto-Slavic, Slavic, East

Area : Russian Federation, Ukraine, Central Asia, Caucasus

Typological informations

Type : fusional; accusative marking

Inflectional language : Yes

Language with gender : F, M, NEU

Sources of lexicon : homolexical

Language with sortal classifiers : No

Syntactics for numerals : NUM N; for cardinals the order N CARD also exists and triggers an approximate interpretation

Specific traits :

Numeration base :

Comments : 13,000,000 users in Russian Federation, about 268,000,000 users in all countries (Ethnologue)

Informants : an initial set of forms was provided to us by Svetlana Sokolova and Peter Arkadiev. The present data have been checked by Tatiana Iakovleva.

Notes on Russian

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