Mojeño Trinitario (trn)

Family / Group : Maipurean, Southern, Southern Outlier, Mojo (Ethnologue)

Area : Bolivia, El Beni department

Typological informations

Type : polysynthetic

Inflectional language : Yes

Language with gender : F, M, PL, NH (non-human)

Sources of lexicon : homolexical, Spanish

Language with sortal classifiers : Yes

Syntactics for numerals : NUM N

Specific traits : rhythmic syncope; obligatory classifiers on numerals

Numeration base : Decimal

Comments : Plural, feminine and masculine apply for humans only. There are two masculine forms, depending on the gender of the speaker.
about 3,100 speakers (2011), ethnic population: 30,000 (Ethnologue)

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